undesign: tibor kalman in his own words

The words of Tibor Kalman ring clear in my mind. He reminds me what is good and bad about design. He reminds me why I believe there is no boundary between work and play. That design is about making life better; not about selling things or creating false identities for bandits that squeeze the life out of our planet and our being.

“Where do [you] want to be in five or ten years? Do [you] want to die with the most toys, or do [you] want to die with the best life and experiences?”- Tibor Kalman

My friend, activist, designer, humanist, mom, technologist, pen-pal, peep, and oh so many other things, the original webchick created this site a while back: undesign.org

I am an aspiring undesigner.

this clip from Charlie Rose: An hour conversation with Tibor Kalman about his role in the fashion world, his interior design firm M & Company, his involvement with the Museum of Modern Art and MTV, his Hungarian background and his book “The Perverse Optimist”, in which he chronicles his career from graphic journalist to business tycoon. He also discusses the inspiration of his fashion, his work for bands like “The Talking Heads” and his struggle with lymphoma.

Twitter failing

So today I actually visited unpredictable thoughts to check on maintaining my plugins. Lo and behold my twitter feed stopped days ago.

Tried to get everything up and running again.

Seems I’m missing some simple little detail. I’ll fix it later. Got places I have to be.