Home for Thanksgiving, W.S. Merwin

I bring myself back from the streets that open like long
Silent laughs, and the others
Spilled into in the way of rivers breaking up, littered with words,
Crossed by cats and that sort of thing,
From the knowing wires and the aimed windows,
Well this is nice, on the third floor, in back of the billboard
Which says Now Improved and I know what they mean,
I thread my way in and I sew myself in like money.

Well this is nice with my shoes moored by the bed
And the lights around the billboard ticking on and off like a beacon,
I have brought myself back like many another crusty
Unbarbered vessel launched with a bottle,
From the bare regions of pure hope where
For a great part of the year it scarcely sets at all,
And from the night skies regularly filled with old movies of my fingers,
Weightless as shadows, groping in the sluices,
And from the visions of veins like arteries, and
From the months of plying
Between can and can, vacant as a pint in the morning,
While my sex grew into the only tree, a joyless evergreen,
And the winds played hell with it at night, coming as they did
Over at least one thousand miles of emptiness,
Thumping as though there were nothing but doors, insisting
“Come out,” and of course I would have frozen.

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blue door, obliterate my imaginings

blue door in desert

There is something about this photo that asked me to write about it. Yes, it’s the blue wall or door. Of course it is the blueness.

I’m imagining driving across the the subtle hues of dry lands and being startled by this rich hue, this utter coolness in the midst of dust. It’s a pleasant thing after all, the blueness.

Should I stop and obliterate my imaginings with reality? No, I’ll drive on and I let the blue remain in my mind just as it was the moment I saw it.

Really yellow case for the iPhone

On Facebook today I read a post from my cuz that said plainly:

just watched stacey’s iPhone get run over by a pick-up truck on the bypass. ….. Phone is fine. How?….Otter Box. Enough said.

That’s pretty meaningful. So I pointed my browser to www.otterbox.com . Some pretty impressive products if you have the need to protect any of your mobile technology devices. I think I would want this crazy yellow case if I wanted to cover up my iPhone or iPod.

I’m into seeing the beauty of my Apple products. This is tempting though.

Walk in John Maeda’s shoes.

John Maeda lives at the intersection of technology and art, a place that can get very complicated. I understand that place very well. I’m posting this talk because there is so much of it that I relate with.

This talk creates more questions than answers. It is about observing, questioning, and experimenting. Creating something new that adds to the universe. Something that brings joy. Organizing found objects and everyday things to make something totally new.

John Maeda uses imagination to inspire. Walk one day in John Maeda’s shoes. Think, what would John Maeda do with this? Open your mind to new and creative ways to move forward in whatever you do.

BTW, Mr Maeda is no longer at MIT he is now President of Rhode Island School of Design. Makes me think about how much fun it could be to be back in school. You can find out more about what he is doing there. http://www.risd.edu/president/