Wait, Verizon maybe or ATT

So, the rumor is that Verizon will be having an iPhone soon. The question for an almost out of contract account that has an upgrade available is — stay put or jump ship.

So, is ATT perfect no. In fact problems in their network involve the length of time it takes us to get messages more than anything else. Often after checking the phone and not seeing any messages half an hour later there are half a dozen and they are all time stamped before my first check.

That happens with or without a smartphone.

What we want to know is can Verizon do better than that?

The Organ Station

Strangest thing on the ride home last night.
We’re scanning the channels on the radio for something to listen to. Love the NY metropolitan area; the dial is full. You don’t have to wait a sec to get another station. We come upon some organ music, I’m talking big pipe-like organ. Craig gives it the thumbs up. We’re like – OK.

One tune is over and another starts. Organ again. This happened for about an hour with no voice interruption. We’re thinking this is pretty crazy; It’s the pipe organ station! We heard a voice come on and recap the composer and performer and then lost them as we were out of range.


Music thang recently.

I do have to admit that I’ve been on a music thang lately. Has something to do with working so much. Listening to lots of tunes. Being in the soundtrack of your life. I’m not apologizing — I’m going with it. Who knows where it will lead. Hope you enjoy it with me.