Don’t be afraid of color.


Today on this extreme­ly gray day — one devoid of ener­gy. A strange change that the end of sum­mer brings and we set­tle into the com­ing of win­ter. What to do? Embrace the sea­son! But don’t be afraid of color.

Here are a few chairs that we picked up for free when a busi­ness was clos­ing down. We gave them a light sand­ing and spray paint­ed them with a com­bi­na­tion of col­ors that add ener­gy, but not too much. The bright­en the dark­est of win­ter days or nights.

What does Facebook really want?

So in sum­mary: “every step you take, every bond you break, every move you make I’ll be watch­ing you.” — Mark z (or Sting, lol) #f8  via @rahafharfoush

from The New Yorker:

The more our online lives take place on Face­book, the more we depend on the choic­es of the peo­ple who run the company—what they think about pri­va­cy, how they think we should be able to orga­nize our friends, what they tell adver­tis­ers (and gov­ern­ments) about what we do and what we buy. We’ll rely on whom they choose as part­ners to give us news and music. Real issues are at stake, in oth­er words—not just the size of pho­tos and whether you can poke.