Don’t be afraid of color.


Today on this extremely gray day — one devoid of energy. A strange change that the end of summer brings and we settle into the coming of winter. What to do? Embrace the season! But don’t be afraid of color.

Here are a few chairs that we picked up for free when a business was closing down. We gave them a light sanding and spray painted them with a combination of colors that add energy, but not too much. The brighten the darkest of winter days or nights.

What does Facebook really want?

So in sum­mary: “every step you take, every bond you break, every move you make I’ll be watch­ing you.” — Mark z (or Sting, lol) #f8  via @rahafharfoush

from The New Yorker:

The more our online lives take place on Facebook, the more we depend on the choices of the people who run the company—what they think about privacy, how they think we should be able to organize our friends, what they tell advertisers (and governments) about what we do and what we buy. We’ll rely on whom they choose as partners to give us news and music. Real issues are at stake, in other words—not just the size of photos and whether you can poke.