Meeting Hazel.

the journey of steel...


I first met Hazel in 2009. I grew to know more of her in words on twitter, then images on flickr, then her blog The Asian Welder.

We corresponded in e-mail the most during her road trip in 2009 when she and her mate {Hank} set off in their Airstream trailer on a trip across the west.

We had short chats about her travels. I followed her blog. She disappeared from twitter. Later I found it just took too much of her time. She wanted more to be making art and living. I watched for postings about her doings and viewed her art from the beautiful photos she posted.

I viewed life through her lens. I found great beauty and joy.

In June I visited her blog and found that she was on a new journey. She had cancer. Months have passed and the truth of this journey is more clear. Hazel has chosen to live her life without chemo. To find peace and an end on this earth in the same beauty which she has shown all of us that have know her in some way.

I am saddened to lose this kind soul. But I prepare myself to let go and know that her spirit holds a place in my  heart always. She walks in beauty on this earth.

Aloha Hazel.

hazel colditz, (aka buddhagirlAZ) sculptor, lover of nature the finest art, passionate photographer, mother, Buddhist w/alchemist tendencies.