Gorey correspondance.

This wonderful new book made me think about all the written correspondence I did for many years to my dear friend in Japan. I always adorned the envelopes with special lettering and drawing. Often in the letters themselves I would add noodling in the margins. In turn I received many Aerogrammes and letters typed on the back of movie flyers and other Japanese ephemera.

I wish I had documented them but alas I’m not sure if I have photos I can put my hands on.

Maybe I need to write my friend.


Floating Worlds, the letters of Edward Gorey and Peter F. Neumeyer



Art 365. A drawing a day.

I’ve embarked on a project this year.

A 365 day project. It will result in 365 drawings. They will be made on my iPhone. I’ll be posting at my artlog and you can see them there if you are interested. I’ll try to write a bit about each of the drawings but sometimes the posts will be wordless.

I stopped putting my artwork at this blog except on special occasions.