Summer color Jersey peaches.

Summer brings the richest colors. Wandering the farmers stands in numerous parts of the city one can find organic produce from local farms in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania. This last shopping adventure brought home watermelon. Hammonton blueberries, and these magnificent Jersey peaches.

The dilemma is enjoy the beauty or enjoy the yumminess/

Right now we can have both. Eat one peach and there are four more

Carbon Neutral is Copenhagen’s goal.

While my Mayor fights city council which has thwarted his fast tracking of bicycle lanes in Philadelphia Copenhagen is building bicycle super highways. What is wrong with us?

We gave up our car two years ago and walk everywhere. Now I’m looking to get a more commuter bike tooled for making trips around town faster. I walk 2.5 miles to my art studio and I could cut the time traveled by about 20 minutes if I rode my bike. My art studio building is adding bicycle racks and that will increase my interest in pedaling. My days of carrying the bike up three flights is over.

So let’s get with it Philly! The number of cyclists continues to grow and we need lanes to make riding safer.


A large perfect morning.


This morning we came back from the airport and decided to get breakfast. The peach rhubarb french toast was delicious. Perfect in fact. But the stand out of the morning was my incredibly delicious, super huge cupa of Sumatra coffee. It was in a warmed heavy ceramic cup.

Today so many supposedly fabulous coffee places serve your coffee in paper cups with plastic lids. Rubbish. There is nothing in that that is about the true essence of the coffee experience. You might as well drink it out of a can.

Next time you are having a cup, choose the right place and linger at a table with a coffee made with care and thoughtfulness. A place that wouldn’t offer you a paper cup unless you made the mistake to get it to go.