Summer color Jersey peaches.

Sum­mer brings the rich­est col­ors. Wan­der­ing the farm­ers stands in numer­ous parts of the city one can find organ­ic pro­duce from local farms in both New Jer­sey and Penn­syl­va­nia. This last shop­ping adven­ture brought home water­mel­on. Ham­mon­ton blue­ber­ries, and these mag­nif­i­cent Jer­sey peaches.

The dilem­ma is enjoy the beau­ty or enjoy the yumminess/

Right now we can have both. Eat one peach and there are four more 

Carbon Neutral is Copenhagen’s goal.

While my May­or fights city coun­cil which has thwart­ed his fast track­ing of bicy­cle lanes in Philadel­phia Copen­hagen is build­ing bicy­cle super high­ways. What is wrong with us?

We gave up our car two years ago and walk every­where. Now I’m look­ing to get a more com­muter bike tooled for mak­ing trips around town faster. I walk 2.5 miles to my art stu­dio and I could cut the time trav­eled by about 20 min­utes if I rode my bike. My art stu­dio build­ing is adding bicy­cle racks and that will increase my inter­est in ped­al­ing. My days of car­ry­ing the bike up three flights is over.

So let’s get with it Philly! The num­ber of cyclists con­tin­ues to grow and we need lanes to make rid­ing safer.


A large perfect morning.


This morn­ing we came back from the air­port and decid­ed to get break­fast. The peach rhubarb french toast was deli­cious. Per­fect in fact. But the stand out of the morn­ing was my incred­i­bly deli­cious, super huge cupa of Suma­tra cof­fee. It was in a warmed heavy ceram­ic cup.

Today so many sup­pos­ed­ly fab­u­lous cof­fee places serve your cof­fee in paper cups with plas­tic lids. Rub­bish. There is noth­ing in that that is about the true essence of the cof­fee expe­ri­ence. You might as well drink it out of a can.

Next time you are hav­ing a cup, choose the right place and linger at a table with a cof­fee made with care and thought­ful­ness. A place that would­n’t offer you a paper cup unless you made the mis­take to get it to go.