trimmings and treats

At last the tree was fully trimmed and pushed back into it’s little nook. Each year we go on a tree search and bring a beauty that calls to us from the fields.

It was a joy to trim the tree with our best-est of friends. This grand tree looks lovely.


The implements of taste

Assessing, the tools for tomorrow’s holiday event. Tools are a beautiful thing and the right tools with the right ingredients make for a lovable feast. The sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, pork roast, fresh artisan bread, milk punch, and rum raisins. And a luscious chocolate desert.

Adding new recipes to my iPad.


Ready, set, decorate.

This afternoon we began adding the decorations to the tree. I was wondering how many decorations it would take to finish the tree.

It was a lovely evening experiencing each and every decoration as we placed it on the tree. It was delightful. This is one of the photos I snapped while we were taking a tea break. This is a set of favorites. They are on the tree now.