snow coffee

2013-02-14 15.50.39

It is a quiet morning even though so many people are on the street.
Snow seems to quiet things even as it falls lightly on a spring day. The flakes are more like clumps sometimes falling in a direct line to the pavement and the people walking past my view wear everything from watch caps and anoraks and fleece jackets to carrying brightly colored umbrellas. The snow has it’s many iterations, swirling with the wind in confused direction and then that angle that lands the flakes on your eyelids no matter what you do.

There are birds tweeting, confused in this crazy March that promises to bring spring.

Still the sounds are muffled by the wet snow and we can embrace the rhythm of it’s falling. Quietly sipping coffee from behind the steamed panes.

The Victoria Freehouse in Old City

2013-03-22 12.09.45

We decided to try the newest reasonably priced spot in Old City for lunch this week.

You can find the entrance easily on Front Street by the Union Jack hanging at the entrance. When you step inside the freehouse or the victoria which ever it ends up getting nicknamed, is all Old City. Exposed brick walls and wooden pew bankettes and thankfully only one flatscreen tv behind the bar. (I still don’t understand the need.) The music — british invasion.

The theme isn’t over the top thank goodness. A little loveseat for waiting at the door and a modern take on vintage lighting. It is a bit dark unless you sit by the door.

We shared the Welsh Rarebit which was especially tasty with the hot mustard, a burger and chips and a pot of tea.

Lovely service and good food. The chips were perfect. No room for lunch we’ll have to do that another time.

Happy to have another eatery in Old City that isn’t just about beer and getting drunk.