Tableau in Kingston

2013-10-22 19.16.29

A view captured after having dinner and meandering around town.  A surprise design and history experience in this storefront. I’m not sure which intrigues me more the organized documentary group photographs or the classic furniture. I’d love to have a reading room like this. So wonderful to window shop when everyone has gone to bed.


Carbon Neutral is Copenhagen’s goal.

While my Mayor fights city council which has thwarted his fast tracking of bicycle lanes in Philadelphia Copenhagen is building bicycle super highways. What is wrong with us?

We gave up our car two years ago and walk everywhere. Now I’m looking to get a more commuter bike tooled for making trips around town faster. I walk 2.5 miles to my art studio and I could cut the time traveled by about 20 minutes if I rode my bike. My art studio building is adding bicycle racks and that will increase my interest in pedaling. My days of carrying the bike up three flights is over.

So let’s get with it Philly! The number of cyclists continues to grow and we need lanes to make riding safer.


iPad some people get it

Here’s a bit of advertising for the new Alice book for the iPad. It’s pretty darn cool. A whole layer of activity on top of the text. It’s heading in the right direction.

Still more meaningful interaction would be so much better. Interaction that really illuminates to content not just bells and whistles. I have high expectations in this new space. We need someone like Cyan who originally created Myst to step up and shift the expectations in this reading environment.

If Alice in Wonderland was the text and an interactive experience like Myst imagine the experience!

You can download Myst for your iPhone and you can now play the next level of Myst online here.

Eames Office explained the Polaroid SX-70

Loved my SX-70. Finding this video on the web actually made me a bit sad.

This camera created a paradym shift in photography. Instant and high quality the SX-70 was a joy to use. This film made by the Eames Office to explain the technology and uses for the camera. It is a wonderful little film. It is inspiring from a product and design view. The Eames office took a liking to explaining complicated concepts.

Enjoy a technology of the past that set the bar for the future.

a book nook takes on kindle-ing


OK. Now we’re talking.

I would buy this device. I know it only does books – a one trick pony. But it let’s you lend your books to others and it doesn’t look like a Texas Instruments calculator. This device looks like BN hired some product designers and some interface designers, and a marketing crew that knows how to do point-of-purchase.

Barnes and Noble have listened to the criticism of the Kindle and have brought a more sophisticated and attractive device into the fray.

  • The price is reasonable from the start.
  • Design is clean.
  • Multi-touch.
  • Color navigation panel (for swiping through book covers, a la iTunes)
  • You can buy it in a BN store. (many distribution points – one a few blocks from me)
  • You can browse digital books
  • You can lend your book to others on a number of devices
  • It has a memory expansion slot
  • It can play MP3’s
  • It can read PDF’s (essential)

Did I mention that the design is clean? The device is a bit thicker and weighs more than the Kindle. The other important part is moving away from proprietary formats.

Lending is good.

I’ll be heading down to the Barnes and Noble to check it out. I’ll let you know if I am as impressed when I can touch it.