graffiti and public space.

free speech

This is a follow up to a conversation that started over at think:lab.

I make the argument graffitti is free speech. Take a look at the tagged images of linked to in this post… thanks to everyone who has contributed at flickr. If you have images you would like to add go to flickr and add the tags: graffitti, publicspace, and freespeech to your images and upload them.

Accessibility Color Wheel

color wheel

This is color wheel. It’s not the model you usually see when talking about color theory. It’s organic and restful. I want to stare at it for a long time. A model of the relationships of color.
Simply put this tool can simulate color deficiency and provide information on contrast/difference and brightness work for viewers with inability to see color spectrums.

It helps with the following color sensitivities: deuteranopia, protanope, tritanope.