Twitter failing

So today I actually visited unpredictable thoughts to check on maintaining my plugins. Lo and behold my twitter feed stopped days ago.

Tried to get everything up and running again.

Seems I’m missing some simple little detail. I’ll fix it later. Got places I have to be.

Reprise: It’s too hot, too hot. Just too darn HOT.

It has become a science fiction dream to me. I cannot say I ever thought I would see and feel these temperatures. These temperatures are those of my visits to the desert and hiking the canyons of New Mexico. I imagine the scrub bushes and the dry runoff streams. I taste the red dust on my lips. Then I am jolted back to reality. My sense of place is askew. Our planet is so confused. It’s 104°.

Public Buildings and inspiring spaces.

From outside the color draws me like a beacon. When inside color washes over my body and it changes as I move from one place to another. I’m orange. I’m blue. When I chase the light and it chases me. That experience is the Montreal Convention Center.

When I hear the words convention center I cringe. I have experienced many a convention center and they are uninspired spaces. They have very little if any energy of their own. Visitors come and go but the buildings and spaces created inside are dead except for the mechanical drone of HVAC or escalators. Some of the buildings focus are industrial, some monumental, others overgrown shopping malls.

Why is it that our government buildings are so uninspiring? Is it our culture? Is it because we somehow think that our tax dollars and neighborhoods don’t deserve beauty? I think it is the process that we have for creating public buildings. The process is without inspiration or vision.

Montreal on the other hand had a marvelous vision and they have shared it with all of us.

The Pennsylvania Convention Center is one of the worse inside and out. I don’t want to go on about it check it out yourself here :

interfaces work for everyone

This vid is bouncing around on tumblr. It’s a look at how interaction can be so intuitive, and feel so real that other beings interact and experience something very real. Watching this “smart cat” play with an iPad just like it would with a string or a keyboard tells us how far our interfaces have come. How rich a good touch interface can be is very exciting.


Snow over 28 inches in Philadelphia


This is what it looked like in our courtyard yesterday. Over night the wind was blowing so hard that all the windows were covered in snow and we couldn’t see outside. I found this little gap and shot the neighbors doing some shoveling. Of course after they had spent an hour doing this the snow removal firm showed up and plowed. Silly people.

We usually are parked out there. But with the help of our pals David and E we put our car in a garage for friday, sturday, and Sunday. We’ll shovel a bit and get it back in place. Thing is we are expecting snow again on tuesday and wednesday.

This is our second huge storm since moving downtown.

Three holy wars, remembering Howard Zinn

We have lost Howard Zinn. Luckily he spoke his mind and it was captured in video and in print. This is just one of many enlightening lectures he gave not that long ago – 2008.

“His writings have changed the consciousness of a generation, and helped open new paths to understanding and its crucial meaning for our lives. When action has been called for, one could always be confident that he would be on the front lines, an example and trustworthy guide.”
— Noam Chomsky