letters and handwriting are humanist

I will not send you an email greeting to replace something handmade and on paper. I love paper, stamps, and envelopes. I love sending you a letter in the mailbox. I look forward to you recognizing my handwriting. The only way I won’t send something you can use a letter opener on is if they shut down the USPS.

snow coffee

2013-02-14 15.50.39

It is a quiet morning even though so many people are on the street.
Snow seems to quiet things even as it falls lightly on a spring day. The flakes are more like clumps sometimes falling in a direct line to the pavement and the people walking past my view wear everything from watch caps and anoraks and fleece jackets to carrying brightly colored umbrellas. The snow has it’s many iterations, swirling with the wind in confused direction and then that angle that lands the flakes on your eyelids no matter what you do.

There are birds tweeting, confused in this crazy March that promises to bring spring.

Still the sounds are muffled by the wet snow and we can embrace the rhythm of it’s falling. Quietly sipping coffee from behind the steamed panes.

trimmings and treats

At last the tree was fully trimmed and pushed back into it’s little nook. Each year we go on a tree search and bring a beauty that calls to us from the fields.

It was a joy to trim the tree with our best-est of friends. This grand tree looks lovely.