Sriracha Skewers please.

another butcher at Reading Terminal.

Yes. A trip to the Reading Terminal Market and the butcher. Lots of wonderful things. But Sriracha Skewers? Everything about that is awesome. Whats the worse part about making skewers for oven or BBQ? The cutting bits of meat and putting it on skewers of course. Here it is ready to cook with one of my favorite hot sauces. Couldn’t resist.


Oh and the lamb skewers were pretty awesome too.

Baby dune grasses

dune grasses

I walked up the road from the little monopoly house until the sand was beneath my feet. Coming over the hill revealed a surreal view of the baby dune grass plantings that went as far as the eye can see.  The replenished dunes have been made taller to protect the shore houses. It’s a strange looking sight. So interventionist, so unnatural.

An interesting change to the beach below reminded me of the island when I was a kid. The slope was gentle so was the surf. At low tide one could walk out and interact with numerous tide pools. Looking forward to my next trip to see how the grass grows.