Coffee and Biscotti before everything.

coffee and biscotti

A great cup of Java and a so so biscotti.

But the start to a terrific day. This was at Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia. A great place for locals and tourists. I got there early and it was busy with stand workers stocking and getting ready for the day. Always a pleasant time for sketching, thinking, and taking photos.

Sriracha Skewers please.

another butcher at Reading Terminal.

Yes. A trip to the Reading Terminal Market and the butcher. Lots of wonderful things. But Sriracha Skewers? Everything about that is awesome. Whats the worse part about making skewers for oven or BBQ? The cutting bits of meat and putting it on skewers of course. Here it is ready to cook with one of my favorite hot sauces. Couldn’t resist.


Oh and the lamb skewers were pretty awesome too.

No Amish today.

empty stools at reading terminal market

Yesterday as always we got to the market before it began to fill with tourists. We try to have all our shopping done and have a coffee and tea before the lunch rush and crunch begins. Even in summer it can be impossible to find a chair. This visit we came when the Amish weren’t there. It’s a strange experience when their stalls are empty, they occupy such a large portion of the market.

I wandered past the empty spaces. This photo is the Dutch Eating Place where customers wait three deep for a stool to open up.