design hat

creative principal

Stella approaches design as a primarily anthropological problem. Understanding culture. The problems she finds most compelling involve fostering humanity in a technical space. She says: I work and think visually, but self-involved design tinkering bores me.

Pioneer and visionary, Stella’s understanding that all communication is culture - driven is at the core of her thirty year practice as a communication architect. On a Venn diagram of communication Stella resides in the overlap of message, design, and technology.

Stella has guided the use and implementation of technologies at organizations and corporations including: Penn Museum, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Johnson & Johnson, QVC, Pearson Education, and The Center for Emerging Visual Artists.

She leads all teams and, from an unerring sense of where things are going, sets the overall direction for the firm.

She is President and co-founder of Heavybubble, portfolio websites for artists. She studied communication design at Parsons School of Design in New York City and was once President of the Philadelphia Chapter AIGA.