letters and handwriting are humanist

I will not send you an email greeting to replace something handmade and on paper. I love paper, stamps, and envelopes. I love sending you a letter in the mailbox. I look forward to you recognizing my handwriting. The only way I won’t send something you can use a letter opener on is if they shut down the USPS.

Poem today : By Disposition of Angels

Messengers much like ourselves? Explain it.
Steadfastness the darkness makes explicit?
Something heard most clearly when not near it?

Above particularities,

These unparticularities praise cannot violate.

One has seen, in such steadiness undeflected,
How by darkness a star is perfected.

Star that does not ask me if I see it?
Fir that would not wish me to uproot it?
Speech that does not ask me if I hear it?

Mysteries expound mysteries.

Steadier than steady, star dazzling me, live and elate,

no need to say, how like some we have known; too like her,
too like him, and a-quiver forever.

—Marianne Moore, 1945