Tatooed Fruit

I can’t upload an image here, I would need copy­right approval from the NYT’s and I just don’t need to go through the trouble.

A pear is just a pear, except when it is also a laser-cod­ed infor­ma­tion deliv­ery sys­tem with advanced secu­ri­ty clear­ance.… laser cod­ing could mean the end of those tiny stub­born stick­ers that have to be picked, scraped or yanked off pro­duce. — from the arti­cle in the New York Times

But you get the pic­ture already don’t you?

Instead of those gosh awful sticky lit­tle labels on your fruit — the ones you try to peel off and instead you end up wound­ing a pear or an apple or a kiwi. I hate those things. Besides being ugly how are you sup­posed to bite into a juicy morsel when you have to avoid the unre­mov­able label?

Today while read­ing the New York Times online I was intrigued by the head­line: Tatooed Fruit is on Way. Appar­ent­ly the food indus­try is try­ing to track and trace every piece of our food supply.
You can check out the arti­cle at: www.nyt.com the NYT requires you login, they want to keep track too.

So what do you think of get­ting rid of the stick­ers and instead your pear gets a laser tatoo?
Crazy eh?

Well, I think maybe this all links back to Martha Stew­art. You remem­ber her, bed linens and prison cells? Well back for her 10th Anniver­sary of Martha Stew­art Liv­ing, David Small com­bined typog­ra­phy and food with a laser sign cut­ter and cre­at­ed food art for her pages. You can check them out at www.davidsmall.com select Food for Thought from the project navigation.

The com­pa­ny behind laser labels http://www.durand-wayland.com/