Accessibility Color Wheel

color wheel

This is col­or wheel. It’s not the mod­el you usu­al­ly see when talk­ing about col­or the­o­ry. It’s organ­ic and rest­ful. I want to stare at it for a long time. A mod­el of the rela­tion­ships of color.
Sim­ply put this tool can sim­u­late col­or defi­cien­cy and pro­vide infor­ma­tion on contrast/difference and bright­ness work for view­ers with inabil­i­ty to see col­or spectrums.

It helps with the fol­low­ing col­or sen­si­tiv­i­ties: deuter­a­nopia, protanope, tritanope.

Couldn’t resist iGuy


” This is iGuy. Bend­able and Apple iPod white; who could imag­ine a more friv­o­lous toy. Turn your iPod into a pos­able toy. Gum­by has col­or not the case with iGuy. So is this the child of Gum­by and the Pills­bury Dough­boy? This one of many prod­ucts brought to you by Speck Prod­ucts pro­tec­tors of your mobile devices. Their line Skin Tight will keep any num­ber of smart phones and PDA’s from scratch­es and dings. I have to admit I didn’t find this in my trav­els. My bud Peter found it and turned me on to it when we were iChatting.

Massive Change

I also have a copy of Bruce Mau’s Mas­sive Change in my Yak Pak.
I’m try­ing to recall the first time that I heard Bruce Mau speak. I think it was in he had just fin­ished SMLXL with Rem Koohaus (1996). I heard him speak again in 2ooo on a book tour for the release of Life Style.

Mas­sive Change revis­its many of Buck­min­ster Fuller’s thoughts on our world. You can take a look at The Buck­min­ster Fuller Insti­tute to see his thoughts in action today.

reading: many books

I thought I would post my cur­rent read­ing list:

A Whole New Mind : Dan Pink
Mas­sive Change : Bruce Mau
No Logo : Nao­mi Klein
Regard­ing the Pain of Oth­ers : Susan Sontag
The Hun­gry Tide : Ami­tov Ghosh
The Half-blood Prince : JK Rowling
Life of Pi : Tann Martel
In the Bub­ble : John Thackara
Home at the End of the World : Michael Cunningham