Spruce Street Market

This is a sur­pris­ing per­spec­tive of my favorite mar­ket! The fresh flow­ers are amaz­ing and the neon facade is a cheery moment on an evening walk in any sea­son. I’ve always dreamed of liv­ing at The Drake on the oth­er side of the street and walk­ing across the street to pick up my fresh flowers.

One of the joys of Philadelphia.

This pho­to is tak­en by Fen Branklin see more of his pho­tos at Flickr.

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barber dance


These are the feet of my bar­ber Joe.

I love to watch as he moves around the chair, an effort­less dance. All the time you hear the snip, snip, snip­ping of those super sharp sis­sors. The hair slow­ly falls to the floor and rolls like lit­tle dust bun­nies as he glides from one side of the chair to anoth­er. There is a female vocal­ist singing qui­et­ly from the almost invis­i­ble speak­ers . It is a rest­ful con­tem­pla­tive time these min­utes that I spend watch­ing him cut hair. I look for­ward to the next apoint­ment three weeks away.

Who knew, Joe has a web­site: http://www.groomphilly.com/

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seeking sushi grater


Yes I want this object. Look at those car­rots; per­fect for sushi!

I saw this object some­where once upon a time. I copied this image to my desk­top. Now I just wish that I could put this image into a search box and google would find it for me.

I don’t think google can do this for me right now. Maybe soon. Until then I would appre­ci­ate any help I can get from you food or kitchen gad­get fanatics.
Have you seen this thing? Where can I get one?

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small dogs from small dog

small dogs from small dog

These are some of my favorite lit­tle friends. I love small dog — I mean the Apple deal­er in Ver­mont. I don’t pur­chase lots of tech­nol­o­gy but when I do one of the first places I go is small dog. They are the kind of busi­ness I want to sup­port. Peo­ple there care whether my pur­chase arrives on time and works. I even buy refur­bished prod­ucts from them. Best of all when I open my pack­age there are small dogs like these inside.

I’m using my g4 power­book that I bought from them to write this post.

So if you are look­ing for some tech­nol­o­gy take a look there first.

memory landscapes: azalea gardens

azalea gardens
My most recent­ly com­plet­ed draw­ing. This pho­to can’t pos­si­bly cre­ate the feel­ing of view­ing this draw­ing in per­son. I hope to have some pro­fes­sion­al shots of a series of works soon. Then I can start build­ing a small gallery of the works attached to my blog. A draw­ing blog.

I also hope to get up some of my ear­li­er draw­ings. Unfor­tu­nate­ly the col­or may be too sub­tle to cap­ture for this space.

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