dairy maid blizzard

dairy maid

This is a seri­ous ice cream store – a land­mark of my youth. They are not daunt­ed by the sea­son; they sell ice cream through the most frigid of months. This shot is from storm footage on CNN.

Some­how when I saw the images in the deep of win­ter it was­n’t the right time to post it. But now, with July rack­ing up anoth­er week of 90+ degree days it seemed right. A wel­come dreamy relief of flakes drift­ing down eat­ting ice cream. That will be the thought I hold onto for the remain­der of these dog days.

I remem­ber many a car trip to the place I ordered a sug­ar cone or maybe a cup with one scoop of but­tered almond and anoth­er of cof­fee ice cream. My dad got me hooked on cof­feee ice cream. We would both order it and sit in the car and savor each spoon­ful as a few oth­er brave souls hoped out of their cars wrapped in scarves and mittens.

OmniPlan Public Beta

Omni Group is set to release a pub­lic beta of its not so secret new app Omni­Plan. That’s the sweet lit­tle icon for the app.

This is pret­ty excit­ing con­sid­er­ing any of the project plan­ners out in the world are not well designed expe­ri­ences. Cre­at­ing time­lines and reports are tedius. No mat­ter how much time you you spend they look like crap and end up putting them in a vec­tor appli­ca­tion or maybe Omn­i­graf­fle.

Omni Group apps are top­draw­er in our toolk­it at Stel­larvi­sions. We have cre­at­ed tem­plates to brand all of our maps and schemat­ics. When you see our stuff you know it is our stuff. That’s because Omni Group knows how impor­tant pre­sen­ta­tion is along side function.

We look for­ward to test­ing the beta and see­ing how this will inte­grate with our oth­er favorite tools. Did I men­tion OmniOut­lin­er?

20 hours and 44 min­utes to go!

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inspiring fountains : paris

This is one of the most inspir­ing foun­tains I’ve had the pleaseure to vis­it. It is out­side the Pom­pi­deu. The organ­ic shapes and col­or­ful spin­ning objects can keep you in a trance for hours. I took this pho­to years ago and redis­cov­ered it while doing some scan­ning of images last week.

I think about this foun­tain often recall­ing the trails of water so flu­id against the geo­met­ric steel of the Beaubourg. I had been look­ing for­ward to expe­ri­ence the cool spray­ing waters the last time I vis­it­ed. But, the foun­tain was under ren­o­va­tion and Paris was too hot. I look for­ward to my next visit.

I’m work­ing on a new draw­ing inspired by the memory.

If you’ve nev­er been there point your brows­er at:


also check out the web­cams.

Best of all take a trip to Paris.

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Maestro glassblower Elio Quarisa at East Falls Glassworks

Mae­stro glass­blow­er Elio Quarisa

This was one of the most amaz­ing demon­stra­tions of glass­blow­ing that I have every seen. The Mae­stro demon­strat­ed the tech­niques of Venet­ian glass blow­ing. The gob­let he is work­ing on here includ­ed gold leaf and lat­ice­work col­or. I had nev­er seen glass objects insert­ed inside each oth­er and then joined.

The expe­ri­ence showed the hands and intel­lect of expe­ri­ence and age. You can see more of my pho­tos at my flickr set.

You can see the Mae­stros work at:



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east falls flood waters : philadelphia

This is the view after the recent floods along the East Riv­er Dri­ve. This hap­pens often when you live in the flood plain. So which lane would you take? If you live near by you know to head up hill to go any­where when the rains have been constant.

You also get the idea why this is called Fer­ry Road.


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