smARTS does POST weekend

smARTS does POST

On the smARTS does POST week­end I’ll be one of over 17 artists at Sher­man Mills that will have open stu­dios the first week of Octo­ber as part of POST [Philadel­phia Open Stu­dio Tours]. Sher­man Mills has a large art com­mu­ni­ty includ­ing two com­mer­cial gal­leries, glass-blow­ing, stained glass glaziers, pot­ters, painters, tex­tiles, and letterpress!

The smARTS does POST week­end will also include a ded­i­ca­tion cer­e­mo­ny for Kate Kaman’s Growth Rings sculp­ture recent­ly installed at Sher­man Mills. The cer­e­mo­ny will include an intro­duc­tion by Mark Sher­man and a short talk with video pre­sen­ta­tion by Kate Kaman. There will be com­mora­tive but­tons and posters avail­able designed by smARTS mem­bers (a dona­tion is requested).

I hope you can make it. See the smARTS web­site for directions.
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Sher­man Mills

contemporary works exhibition

constellation indigo

Schu­lykill Gallery : con­tem­po­rary works exhibition

I’m hap­py to announce that five of my new works have been cho­sen for the Sher­man Mills Con­tem­po­rary Works Group Exhi­bi­tion. Five of my new works are includ­ed one of which is shown above: con­stel­la­tion indi­go. If you are in Philadel­phia please come buy and see the show. I am in the com­pa­ny of the fol­low­ing artists.

Arielle Azeez
Nan­cy Barnes
Ozge Baykara
Dami­ni Celebre
Cathy De Marco
Stel­la Gassaway 
Mar­jorie Grigonis
Jesse Harrington
Kate Kaman
Eliz­a­beth Kinzie
Sheri Rose
Rachel Shoham
Pam Taggard
East Falls Glassworks

artist recep­tion:
Sep­tem­ber 13th, 2006
5:00 – 8:00 pm
Sep­tem­ber 7th – Sep­tem­ber 30th, 2006

Schuylkill Gallery : Sher­man Mills

3510 Scotts Lane : Build­ing 31
Philadel­phia, PA 19129

for direc­tions click here:

Stella Scooter

Stella Dealership Sign

Michael has me going on this theme now. Things with my name on them… or are they things named after me? 

This is a very orange Stel­la scoot­er that I shot on my way back from Wash­ing­ton Square in Philadel­phia. They use to have Stel­la rallys in Philadel­phia but I can’t seem to find the URL now. 

Stel­la scoot­ers I came to dis­cov­er are pret­ty darn cool. You can even get a side­car. They cost about the same price as my new Mac­book Pro. Hmmm… 

Check out more at

And if you are in Philadel­phia check out

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