Now you see it. Now you don’t.

pages dis­ap­pear from

Inter­est­ed in what has been dis­ap­pear­ing from the white­house web­site? A whole lot of stuff actu­al­ly. Even with­out the whole expe­ri­ence of secre­cy that this admin­is­tra­tion has sur­round­ed itself this is amaz­ing. Soon they’ll prob­a­bly elim­i­nate any trace of Dick Cheney even being vice president.

Want to know more?

Check out the robots.txt file here. I hope it will still be there when you check it out.

You can also take a look at this post which includes com­men­tary; how­ev­er the real deal is that any record of what was said is being wiped out.

This isn’t spin. This is deception. 

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tired of war

Woody has been against this war from the start.

He bought the Seeger Ses­sions from itunes and was inspired by the new ren­di­tions by Bruce Spring­steen and his band. Then he saw a Bob Dylan inter­view and was moved by Bob’s lyrics to write some songs of his own. I’m hop­ing that he’ll let me post some lyrics or inter­view him here at my blog.

Woody Gutherie would be proud.

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The year of the GOLDEN PIG.

Hap­py New Year!

This is the year of the Gold­en Pig.

This is one of Damini’s Inten­tion­al­Works. It com­bines her tal­ents as an Acupunc­tur­ist, Artist and Shaman­ic prac­ti­tion­er. In her Inten­tion­al­WORKS she grinds the ink and cre­ates the mark, while hold­ing the inten­tion of abun­dance, rich­ness, and pros­per­i­ty. What bet­ter way to ensure the expe­ri­ence that occurs once every 600 years.

You can see more of the work by click­ing on the image or vis­it­ing:

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Helen Thomas and the front row.

helen thomas320.jpg

Helen Thomas has been a hero of mine since I first heard her say: Thank you Mr. Pres­i­dent to end the press conference.

She has been ask­ing the hard ques­tions for 46 years now. Her seat in the front row has been earned. Now it seems they want to move her out of the front row. Sil­ly infight­ing with the sheep that call them­selves jour­nal­ists from the cable net­works I hear.

Excuse me. 

Helen Thomas is 86 years old and she still can give Tony Snow a whuppin.

That seat should be her’s for life. In fact when she dies — it being left open as a trib­ute is a darn good idea.

From Philly Inquir­er interview

Thomas: I’m a lib­er­al, I was born a lib­er­al, and I will be a lib­er­al till the day I die. That has noth­ing to do with whether or not this admin­is­tra­tion is telling the truth. Nor does it have any­thing to do with the way I pre­sent­ed my sto­ries when I was a news reporter. When I was report­ing news, as a per­son I nev­er bowed out of the human race — I felt my feel­ings and had my opin­ions about things, just as any­one does — but it nev­er got into my copy. I was nev­er accused of slant­i­ng my copy. Now that I’m a colum­nist, well, I go for broke. But there’s a dif­fer­ence between straight report­ing and opin­ion writ­ing. When I was a reporter, I wrote a straight sto­ry. You park your views in a blind trust and tell the straight­est sto­ry you can. In fact, you tell the dullest sto­ry pos­si­ble, because you don’t want one word, one verb or noun, to stray into it to let your feel­ings show. I think the Amer­i­can peo­ple real­ly do get a straight shot on the front pages of the news­pa­pers of this country.”

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Remembering Molly Ivins

Remem­ber­ing Mol­ly Ivins, 1944–2007

It is a sad day.

I have lost anoth­er of my heroes.

Mol­ly Ivins was fun­ny, insight­ful, and as utter­ly blunt as one could be.

Some­how I felt the world was safer with Mol­ly Ivins around. She remind­ed our nation, with humor and sharp­ness, to keep watch for our coun­try and our democ­ra­cy. And to speak out to keep both safe.

Her last col­umn shout­ed her outrage.

We are the peo­ple who run this coun­try. We are the deciders. And every
sin­gle day, every sin­gle one of us needs to step out­side and take some
action to help stop this war. Raise hell. Think of some­thing to make
the ridicu­lous look ridicu­lous. Make our troops know we’re for them and
try­ing to get them out of there. Hit the streets to protest Bush’s
pro­posed surge. If you can, go to the peace march in Wash­ing­ton on Jan.
27. We need peo­ple in the streets, bang­ing pots and pans and demanding,
‘Stop it, now!’ ”

She will be missed.

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