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Looks like an “all star” to me.

If ya think that you have enough bags and sleeves for your mac­book pro… think again. This won­der­ful sleeve is avail­able from speck. They have lots of fresh prod­ucts and this is cer­tain­ly a fun one. I know some­one who would like to add this to her “chucks” collection. 

Con­verse Chuck Tay­lor All Star {trade­marked} shoe site

All Star {his­to­ry wikipedia} 

Chuck Tay­lor

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The gateway to SOHO.

the gateway to SOHO by Forrest Myers

I was hap­py to hear that “the gate­way to SOHO” has tri­umphed due to a com­pro­mise. Some­thing we don’t hear of in this amer­i­can life under George Bush.

I was going to design school in nyc when this work was installed. I walked by it many times on my way to wan­der through gal­leries, shop at Pearl Paints on Canal Street, and scav­age the dumpsers out­side the small man­u­fac­tur­ing that still exist­ed in SOHO at the time. It was always won­der­ful to see this piece. I’m glad to know that I will get to see it again.


On Oct. 17 the New York Land­marks Preser­va­tion Com­mis­sion vot­ed unan­i­mous­ly in favor of pro­tect­ing The Wall, a 1974 work by For­rest Myers locat­ed on the north face of 599 Broad­way at Hous­ton Street in SoHo [see “Front Page,” Jan. ‘98]. The famil­iar work is based on an exist­ing set of 42 met­al braces in a grid of sev­en down, six across, which were installed to secure the brick wall when an adja­cent build­ing was torn down decades ago to widen Hous­ton. Myers attached a pro­ject­ing 4‑foot-long alu­minum gird­er to each brace, and then paint­ed the whole laven­der and turquoise. Jen­nifer J. Raab, chair­man of the Land­marks Com­mis­sion, who cham­pi­ons the work, expressed the wide­ly held sen­ti­ment that the work is the “gate­way to SoHo.” Oth­ers who active­ly strove to pro­tect the wall are City Coun­cil mem­ber Kathryn Freed, State Sen­a­tor Thomas Duane, New Muse­um direc­tor Lisa Phillips, and artists John Cham­ber­lain, Robert Rauschen­berg, Richard Ser­ra and Frank Stel­la. Read the full sto­ry here.

Morn­ing Edi­tion, March 15, 2005 · An acclaimed eight-sto­ry sculp­ture in New York City is at the cen­ter of a dis­pute head­ed to court today. The sculp­ture was made some 30 years ago and is attached to the out­side wall of a con­do­mini­um. The art­work is known as “the Gate­way to SoHo” or sim­ply, “The Wall.” Now, the own­ers of the build­ing want to take it down and use the space as a rev­enue-gen­er­at­ing bill­board. you can lis­ten to the broad­cast here.

The orig­i­nal own­er of 599 Broad­way, Charles Tan­nen­baum, com­mis­sioned Mr. Myers’s work as a way of dis­guis­ing an eye­sore — naked joists that once were attached to a neigh­bor­ing build­ing that had been torn down. As its rep­u­ta­tion grew, it became known as “The Gate­way to SoHo.” New York Times arti­cle here.

The Moleskine City Notebook

Yes­ter­day my pal Peter came back from the Anti­quar­i­an Book­show in NYC. He brought back a num­ber of inter­est­ing cat­a­logs and refrained from any BIG expen­di­tures on the amaz­ing books avail­able. But that is anoth­er story.

This post is about an excit­ing an afford­able new Mole­sk­ine book. The city note­book. These books have all kinds of cool stuff for trav­el­ers. It’s got blank pages fro writ­ing notes, a slew of pages of maps, street index, (a lit­tle too small to be read­able for those whose age is on the higer side of 40) tabs, stick­ers to mark pages, and best of all reusable clear over­lays to anno­tate the maps. They are even reusable. For eras­ing I sug­gest a Mars White plastic.

So, now I can make a trav­el book along with maps for some of my favorite cities.

That brings up the next point. My home city isn’t includ­ed in the pub­lished books or the planned releas­es for 2007. This is a bum­mer. Geeze Philadel­phia is a huge vis­i­tor city. We get tons of tourists and have a slew of his­tor­i­cal places to vis­it… great restau­rants, muse­ums… what’s the deal with us as a mar­ket. I want to note all the cool hid­den places I find… note where I took images for map­ping to my flickr site. I’ll be writ­ing them an email after I post this.

I fig­ure if I just vis­it the cities with books cur­rent­ly avail­able it will be a good start.

avail­able now:


com­ing soon:

New York
San Francisco
Los Angeles

Oh, They also have start­ed a blog and you can find out more here.

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philadelphia murals : the young king

and his fairy friend.

Rose­wood Street, between Cather­ine & Chris­t­ian Street. Cen­ter City, Philly 

pho­to by flickr friend, fen branklin

The Philadel­phia Mur­al pro­gram is out­stand­ing. The pat­terned back­grouds and the fairy always catch my atten­tion. The young king is very dreamy.

Reminds me of Basquiat (1996).

What iden­ti­fies Jean-Michel Basquiat as a major artist is courage and full pow­ers of self-trans­for­ma­tion. That courage, mean­ing not being afraid to fail, trans­forms par­a­lyz­ing­ly self-con­scious ‘predica­ments of cul­ture’ into con­fi­dent ‘ecstasies of cul­tures recom­bined.’ He had the guts, what is more, to con­front New York art chal­lenge num­ber one: can you trans­form self and her­itage into some­thing new and named?
— Robert Far­ris Thompson

<img src=

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my new hard drive : what’s in your bag?

LaCie Mobile Drive

This is a sweet 160 GB hi-speed usb 2.0 drive. 

Just found the per­fect dri­ve to hold my ipho­to library. I just can’t hold my entire library on my inter­nal hard dri­ve any­more. I was look­ing for an extreme­ly low pro­file dri­ve. I car­ry lots of lit­tle devices so the low­er the pro­file the bet­ter they fit in my every­day bag. Size : 5.31 x 2.95 x 0.59 in. / 135 x 75 x 15 mm

BTW : This is some of what I keep in my bag. Every lit­tle space counts.

I keep my cam­era :

my ipod :


my card reader:

my lap­top :

my mole­sk­ine plan­ner :

2007 Moleskine Large Weekly Planner

my phone:

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the first person in space : Yuri Gagarin

Image:With communism to stars.jpg

Today in 1961 Yuri Gagarin became the first human to trav­el into space. He orbit­ed the earth once. 

I was six then. I became a kid that was in love with the idea of going into space. I can remem­ber lying on the floor with feet up. like an invert­ed chair, my friends pre­tend­ing to be astro­nauts on space missions.

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new sculpture : kate kaman

These are a my art buds and neigh­bors Kate and Joel. This is a new sculp­ture com­mis­sion they are work­ing on at Sher­man Mills. These are fab­u­lous. You can prob­a­bly find out more about them at Kate’s blog :

Kate’s work is organ­ic and of the plan­et. She has a new show open­ing at Flot­sam and Jet­sam com­ing up. I think the open­ing is next week. Keep an eye out for oppor­tu­ni­ties to expe­ri­ence her work. She’s an artist to watch. 

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word hawk : prebuffering

apple does it again

Ya know Apple seems to be at the fore­front of this new vocabulary.
When you pre­viewed songs at the itunes store a cou­ple upgrades ago a dia­logue box would appear that said : “buffer­ing…”. Now we have a new mes­sage: “pre­buffer­ing stream”.

Ok, buffer­ing means that you col­lect some data and hold it before you begin to say lis­ten to an mpeg. So, the soft­ware down­loads some data, holds it and then when it reach­es a thresh­old it begins to play while addi­tion­al data con­tin­ues to down­load. This is intend­ed to cre­ate an unin­ter­rupt­ed sound experience.

How do you buffer before you buffer? Adding “pre” is almost like negat­ing buffer.… Ya know what i mean?

pretr.v. buff·ered, buff·er·ing, buff·ers

1. To act as a buffer for or between.
2. Chem­istry To treat (a solu­tion) with a buffer.
3. Com­put­er Sci­ence To hold or col­lect (data) in a buffer.

odd occurances planetary scuffle

This was my view when arriv­ing at stel­larvi­sions mon­day morning.

A sur­pris­ing new envi­ron­men­tal instal­la­tion had occurred. Unsure how the plan­et earth had mul­ti­plied itself and begun to orbit the large “rock” in our space… I pho­tographed the con­di­tion. I am now pho­tograph­ing the area each day try­ing to estab­lish what is actu­al­ly happening. 

Next day.


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