LED tree lighting

A quick cap­ture to send to Joel and the fam­i­ly in Rome. We are com­par­ing trees. This is a shot using my beta copy of Skitch. Great pho­to util­i­ty and scrib­bling device. Drove the truck out to Tom’s trees again this year. We have a very dense white spruce. It was the only tree quite tall enough that was left so late in the sea­son. It took 1000 lights to get to a stage where you could see some of the tex­ture of the tree in the dark. We used some LED’s this year you can see the blue­ness in the shot. I could­n’t find any­thing that had a warm glow.

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new stellagassaway.com

Final­ly the stellagassaway.com art site is tied togeth­er. A lit­tle loose­ly but tied togeth­er none the less. I stayed home from my art stu­dio feel­ing under the weath­er a bit and decid­ed it was a good oppor­tu­ni­ty to try to get all my art relat­ed com­po­nents in a row.
I would take my port­fo­lio site and my art­log [blog] and at least make it pos­si­ble to get from one to the oth­er. Orig­i­nal­ly I talked about my art here at unpre­dictable thoughts but it did­n’t seem right. My art isn’t unpre­dictable thoughts. My art­log is an artists jour­nal. Not the deep­est of my thoughts; but a dia­logue about the art I make and how I do it. It has a mean­ing to me out­side of this blog.
My gate­way www.stellagassaway.com tells you a bit more about me and my approach to my work with links to my port­fo­lio and to blog. It’s eas­i­er to give some­one my name domain with­out any sub­do­main for the blog and portfolio.
More to do but it is a start.

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Garden and Glass, Dale Chihuly

image prop­er­ty of Dale Chihuly

This is an amaz­ing moment for me. It takes my breath away. The total­ly unex­pect­ed moment of glass tak­ing a place and seem­ing­ly not in con­trast to but in har­mo­ny with the bios­phere. (Found a lit­tle chat about the show at my pal Matthew’s blog — worksofman.com .)  That it feels nat­ur­al, wel­come, and in need of maybe a lit­tle water­ing is inspirational.

I would love to have this piece in my down­town office.

This work is cur­rent­ly being shown in Pittsurgh at the Phipps Conservatory.

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Radio, Radio

Just remem­bered how ter­rif­ic this whole moment was. Got­ta love “LIVE” tv. Here’s where he pulls the plug and dives into Radio Radio. (The big sto­ry of course is that they were asked NOT to do this song.) Gee won­der why eh? Elvis Costel­lo kicked it. I think Lorne Michaels must have pissed him­self. Always have loved Elvis.

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holiday sale @ sherman mills

BUY HANDMADE for the holidays.
Sup­port artists and arti­sans by pur­chas­ing hand­made and unique works. Skip the malls and sup­port local artists.
I’m going to be in my stu­dio this week­end offer­ing some small works at spe­cial prices. You can vis­it a num­ber of my b32 bud­dies and some of the oth­er sher­man mills artists. Hope to see you.

Pam Pawl
Sandy Chierici
Damin Celebre
Car­ol Wisker
Stel­la Gassaway
and our friends
Michael Zerbe
East Falls Glassworks

For more infor­ma­tion stop by the b32 web­site: http://b32.shermanmills.com

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weather widget : ping, ping, ping

the weather widget

I could­n’t help it. I had to cap­ture the image of my weath­er wid­get. The illus­tra­tions that have been ren­dered for the weath­er con­di­tions always seem so accu­rate to the expe­ri­ence. I cap­tured this from my desk­top late morn­ing. Can you imag­ine the sound from the ice and rain hit­ting our sky­light? This is what it has been like all day and night. I expect that if the East Riv­er Dri­ve isn’t closed now it cer­tain­ly will be in the morn­ing. It has to be flood­ed out there.

Real­ly, I just had to pay atten­tion to the beau­ty of this inter­face. Thank you to the bril­liant design­ers that do this work.

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