Colin hacks : macro lens and a light for the iPhone

Mak­ing a macro lens and a light for the iPhone | Hi, I’m Col­in Devroe.

So this is one of the most ana­log hacks I’ve seen in a while. Sor­ta looks like a pirate or a borg. Col­in must have been real­ly bored. Or maybe cre­ativ­i­ty just over took him and this is what hap­pened. Either way I’m dig­ging it.

Check out his post :
You can also take a look at some of his iphone pho­tos at flickr. This link will take you to a macro shot of an m&m you’ll like it.
Check out the m :

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SEPTA Go Green

oh no

“One SEPTA rid­er con­sumes about half the amount of oil than that of a pri­vate com­muter. Imag­ine what a bus­load can do.“SEPTA also has been work­ing to min­i­mize the envi­ron­men­tal impact of its fleet.

It oper­ates 32 diesel-elec­tric hybrid bus­es and plans to add 400 more by 2011. These are 30 per­cent more fuel effi­cient and emit sig­nif­i­cant­ly less car­bon monox­ide and car­bon diox­ide, accord­ing to SEPTA. Oth­er bus­es have been retro­fit­ted so they can use clean­er, ultra low-sul­phur diesel fuel.

SEPTA’s new theme: ‘Go Green’ | Philadel­phia Inquir­er | 02/26/2008

Ok so who knew?

I hate bus­es, I love trol­lies. I want more trol­lies. I hate the noise that bus­es make and the smell when the engine isn’t run­ning clean… the heat from the engines. I hate buses.

But, at least some­thing pro­gres­sive is hap­pen­ing. And if rid­ers are up maybe we can get some­thing bet­ter than a bus — like a trolly.

So, when do we make the taxis hybrid?

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lunar eclipse : we love the moon!

Google Moon

The space race was an impor­tant influ­ence in my youth. My fam­i­ly was glued to the news about astro­nauts, cos­mo­nauts, and pro­posed mis­sions. I can remem­ber watch­ing the land­ing on the moon. I love space, the cos­mos, cos­mol­o­gy, and heav­en­ly bodies.

Last night it was the last lunar eclipse until 2010. It was freez­ing cold. I luck­i­ly sat in my loft look­ing up at it through the sky­light. I watched as the plan­et on which I reside placed itself between the sun and the moon. The shad­ow being cast to block our moon.

Too cool.

Wan­na have some fun explor­ing the moon? Check out this great site.

vis­it : google moon

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Revoke the convention center!

Pa. Con­ven­tion Cen­ter Approval Revoked 
It’s pret­ty clear that Penn­syl­va­nia offi­cials did­n’t bar­gain on a pub­lic fuss when they decid­ed uni­lat­er­al­ly to tear down the two pro­tect­ed Broad Street build­ings that were sup­posed to be part of the expand­ed Penn­syl­va­nia Con­ven­tion Cen­ter. Nor, I sus­pect, did they expect any trou­ble from one of Philadel­phi­a’s more obscure agen­cies, The Philadel­phia Art Commission.But now the pro­jec­t’s archi­tects have some explain­ing to do.The art com­mis­sion wants to see the revised design for the facade — sans the Philadel­phia Life Insur­ance Co. head­quar­ters — before it will allow the $700 mil­lion mega-project to receive a build­ing per­mit. That’s sort like hav­ing your dam project derailed by a snail darter.

Sky­line Online

Hip hip!

This project gives me the creeps. I’m not for the expan­sion of the con­ven­tion cen­ter. How­ev­er, if it has to hap­pen why can’t we keep some kind of street lev­el design that does­n’t feel like a park­ing garage. This is like those mys­te­ri­ous fires that enable devel­op­ers to move for­ward with projects.

Thanks to Inga Saf­fron for the update. Check out Sky­line Online using the link above. See pic­tures of the demo­li­tion and more about the his­toric piece of Philadel­phia lost.

Thank you to the Philadel­phia Art Commission! 

Oh, btw can some­one remind me why we are expand­ing the con­ven­tion center?

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new ART commissioners in philly

Anoth­er great change for Philadel­phia. Neigh­bor and much admired painter Moe Brook­er is the new chair. Yip­pie, and con­grat­u­la­tions to Moe.


Nutter names new art commissioners

May­or Nut­ter has named sev­er­al new mem­bers to the city’s Art Com­mis­sion, a pan­el estab­lished by city char­ter to mon­i­tor the streetscape, pub­lic art, and the area around the Ben­jamin Franklin Parkway.

In the most notable change, painter Moe Brook­er, pro­fes­sor at Moore Col­lege of Art and Design and already a com­mis­sion mem­ber, has been named chair­man, replac­ing William Wil­son, a friend of for­mer May­or John F. Street and head of the land­scape firm Synterra.

Wil­son has stepped down.

Nut­ter also named sev­er­al new mem­bers, includ­ing José Almi­nana, a prin­ci­pal of Andro­pogon Asso­ciates Ltd., a land­scape archi­tec­ture firm; Sean Buff­in­g­ton, pres­i­dent of the Uni­ver­si­ty of the Arts; Karen B. Davis, head of the Arts & Busi­ness Coun­cil of Greater Philadel­phia; and sculp­tor Robert Roesch, chair of the sculp­ture depart­ment at the Penn­syl­va­nia Acad­e­my of the Fine Arts.

Oth­er mem­bers of the com­mis­sion are Emmanuel Kel­ly, of Kelly/Maiello Archi­tects and Plan­ners; Robert N.C. Nix 3d, pres­i­dent of the Fair­mount Park Com­mis­sion; and Patri­cia Alexan­der San­ford, founder of Alexan­der Per­ry Inc., a design firm.

Nut­ter said his appoint­ments would “bring great per­spec­tive and exper­tise” to the art commission.

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buying storage space

Rent­ing stor­age space is some­thing I don’t under­stand. Why do peo­ple lug all the junk they nev­er use to a locked box some­where? Do peo­ple real­ly remem­ber what they put in these boxes?

The video waves of stuff freak me out. Your thoughts?