the ocean roars behind the shrine

found in the sand

While on our return trip from glo­ri­ous days in the moun­tains we stopped sea­side. While wan­der­ing up to one of the places where I often set up to do draw­ings I came upon this shrine. This art instal­la­tion — this ephemera.

The mys­te­ri­ous­ness was only height­ened by the roil­ing ocean and winds that blew my pour­ing cof­fee past the open cup.

It was an unpre­dictable experience.
A joy­ful occurance.

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Unisys and signs in Philadelphia

Baby David is crying by daveynin.

Unisys is a cry baby.

Why exact­ly were they com­ing to Philadel­phia, to hang a big sign off a build­ing, or to become part of a vibrant urban area?
If all they need­ed was a big sign in town they could have bought some adver­tis­ing space.

His­tor­i­cal­ly com­pa­nies have had their name on a build­ing because they built the build­ing and were the largest occu­pant of the space. PSFS, which is kept as part of an his­toric build­ing, the Pan Am build­ing in nyc… hem hem where is the Chrysler sign on the Chrysler building?

If the sign was a break­er for the deal I think there would­n’t have been a deal. Are you try­ing to say that for a measly 225 employ­ees they get a sign more than 600 square feet? Sheesh invest in the city — build your own build­ing and move your whole oper­a­tion in town and put up your sign.

Philadel­phia needs to respect itself and it’s sky­line. It’s time for Philadel­phia to decide if it will con­tin­ue to fill its sky­line with bill­boards for busi­ness. With ugly build­ings, with big box casi­nos. We already have some of the ugli­est light­ed signs attached to the facades of some of our uglli­est build­ings. Ugly + Ugly = super UGLY.

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Foxwoods sets sights on Gallery at Market East

The Gallery at Mar­ket East — 51/365+1 — 02/20/08 on Flickr — Pho­to Sharing!

Fox­woods sets sights on Gallery at Mar­ket East

By Jeff Shield­sIn­quir­er Staff Writer­Fox­woods Casi­no has agreed to work with state and city lead­ers to move its long-delayed slots par­lor planned for the South Philadel­phia water­front to the Gallery at Mar­ket East, The Inquir­er has learned.

Fox­woods sets sights on Gallery at Mar­ket East | Philadel­phia Inquir­er | 09/10/2008

I’m a NO CASINO kind of girl.

I’m total­ly pissed off about Ed Ren­dell and his whole push to have casi­nos as a way to cre­ate rev­enue. Sup­port­ing small busi­ness and the arts in Philly and Penn­syl­va­nia would be bet­ter. How many casi­nos do they have in Man­hat­tan? Peo­ple go into the casi­nos and nev­er come back out. They don’t shop, go to restau­rants for lunch of din­ner. The Casi­nos get vis­i­tors to come in and make sure they stay there. Look at the ter­rif­ic growth that Atlantic City has had since the casinos.

What is Ed think­ing. Please May­or Nut­ter kick his butt.

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