Buy Nothing Day | Consumerisim is the enemy of a healthy economy

Buy Noth­ing Day | Adbusters Cul­ture­jam­mer Headquarters

It’s eas­i­er this year with few­er dol­lars in your pock­et. Give your friends and fam­i­ly the gift of your time, love and friendship.

from the new york times:

IT’S game over for the Amer­i­can con­sumer. Infla­tion-adjust­ed per­son­al con­sump­tion expen­di­tures are on track for rare back-to-back quar­ter­ly declines in the sec­ond half of 2008 at a 3.5 per­cent aver­age annu­al rate. There are only four oth­er instances since 1950 when real con­sumer demand has fall­en for two quar­ters in a row. This is the first occa­sion when declines in both quar­ters will have exceed­ed 3 per­cent. The cur­rent con­sump­tion plunge is with­out prece­dent in the mod­ern era.

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rediscovering poetry with Mary Oliver

Wild Geese

You do not have to be good.
You do not have to walk on your knees
for a hun­dred miles through the desert, repenting.
You only have to let the soft ani­mal of your body
love what it loves.
Tell me about despair, yours, and I will tell you mine.
Mean­while the world goes on.
Mean­while the sun and the clear peb­bles of the rain
are mov­ing across the landscapes,
over the prairies and the deep trees,
the moun­tains and the rivers.
Mean­while the wild geese, high in the clean blue air,
are head­ing home again.
Who­ev­er you are, no mat­ter how lonely,
the world offers itself to your imagination,
calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting–
over and over announc­ing your place
in the fam­i­ly of things.

© Mary Oliver.

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Build your own turkey : vegan version

My bud­dy webchick has a ter­rif­ic lit­tle kit to make your own turkey. It’s real­ly fun to see the doc­u­men­ta­tion of Nate mak­ing his turkey. Try the Litebrite ver­sion too, lots of fun.

Arts and crafts are always fun but when the weath­er starts turn­ing cold it’s real­ly fun to be inside with a hot cocoa and crayons.

I’m think­ing that webchick is a very fun mom.

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EVDO and me

This is the sto­ry of try­ing to get high speed inter­net access where i live in philadelphia.

Let’s start with Verizon.
Call them up. Give them the address. Can’t find the address in their data­base. Hmmm. We’d like to see if we can get FIOS. Wait­ing on hold. Time pass­es. The rep can’t find our address. Three peo­ple have lived there before us. Still can’t find our address.

Ok so no Ver­i­zon. If they don’t even know our address that spells bad news for the whole process.

Try Com­cast. (I can’t stand Com­cast. I don’t like their iden­ti­ty, I don’t like their new build­ing, I don’t like that they got a huge tax break to build it. I don’t like their cul­ture.) But, I need high speed inter­net ser­vice. No tele­vi­sion, just internet.

Ok, they know our address. They’ll have some­one out to install tomor­row at 11 am. They’ll bill us. Excellent.

We’re mov­ing and our inter­net ser­vice will be up and run­ning before we move in. This is ter­rif­ic. While unpack­ing we can work from home. Cross that off the list.

Ok, I’m pack­ing and my part­ner is at the new loca­tion to talk to the painters and wait for the Com­cast guy/woman. Believe it or not the guy shows up on time. Ok, lets hook ya up he says.

Bad news.

Cable isn’t run to our new abode. It’s out on the pole but they can’t run it from the pole. New con­struc­tion has to run it under­ground and it’s in our court­yard some­where. His­to­ry is that Com­cast have been out five oth­er times to try to hook up cable. Some­how our cable has been paved over. We could pay to dig and find it. I don’t think so. We rent.

Now what to do? How can this be. This is Amer­i­ca we have tele­com com­pe­ti­tion that’s bet­ter for cus­tomers. We get choice.

I won’t rant on how I think tele­com is a pub­lic util­i­ty. But what am I to think when no one real­ly wants to make an effort to give me service?

I call CTO Phil. Mr. IvesDigital.
He says EVDO.

Hmmm, this is a very inter­est­ing alter­na­tive. This means I can take my net­work con­nect to places that don’t have free wire­less inter­net. This is a REALLY GOOD idea.

Now I can stop freak­ing out.

Mar­garet goes to the Ver­i­zon store. She gets an EVDO card, she buys a plan and she heads to the office. We install the soft­ware and plug in the card. We put in the password.

We’re on the net!

Shar­ing my air­port network.

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Roma Amor : Joel Katz with Randall Couch

Joel Katz at the Y

Roma Amor
Dig­i­tal assem­blages and col­lages of Italy :  Joel Katz
Col­lage col­lab­o­ra­tions by poet Ran­dall Couch and Joel Katz

The Open Lens Gallery
The Ger­sh­man Y
401 South Broad Street
Philadel­phia PA 19147

11 Decem­ber 2008–1 Feb­ru­ary 2009
Gallery Hours:
Sunday–Friday 9 am–5 pm,
closed Saturday

Open­ing reception:
Thurs­day 11 Decem­ber, 
5:30–7:30 pm

Poet­ry read­ing by Ran­dall Couch
at 6 pm

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truthful life : life truthful

drawing from life

See the Alice Neel show at at Moore Col­lege of Art in philadel­phia. You still have time.

August 28, 2008 — Decem­ber 6, 2008
The Levy Gallery for the Arts in Philadelphia

Alice Neel — Draw­ing from Life fea­tures a selec­tion of por­traits and still lifes, span­ning more than fifty years, that exam­ine draw­ing as the pri­ma­ry process in both her works on paper and paint­ings. A self-pro­claimed “col­lec­tor of souls,” Neel’s bold, draw­ing-based approach reflects the artists’ life­long com­mit­ment to the indi­vid­ual and the moment. Curat­ed by Lorie Mertes, Rochelle F. Levy Direc­tor and Chief Cura­tor, The Gal­leries at Moore.

We went to see the exhib­it last week. The draw­ings are very hon­est… unafraid of our ideas of what they should be. Changes scratched out or drawn over. I remem­bered when I first saw Alice Neel’s paint­ings. They were com­pelling. They gripped at my chest in a very unex­plain­able way. I don’t believe that I need to know why cre­ative work moves me. I don’t need to intel­lec­tu­al­ize the work. I just know the paint­ings go some­place so per­son­al I can’t resist the emotion.

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my birthday month : day three

testing the new drawing space

Came down­town today to catch up on some work. I fell behind in April because of the flu. We romped into town for break­fast. A awe­some day the stu­dio! Broke through sev­er­al thorny design and devel­op­ment issues.  Before we knew it it almost mid­night. Time for a sec­ond break­fast. Baked eggs for the first break­fast, blue­ber­ry pan­cakes for the second.

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a find for the iPhone 3

a find at the itunes store

I crawl around the iphone store now and again to add more fod­der to my need for an iPhone. Here is a real­ly cool app that solves one of the prob­lems that dri­ves me crazy from time to time. I use my lap­top for almost every­thing — that means no num­ber keys. I hate the extend­ed key­boards because they just take up too much space on my desk.

{ Do you remem­ber when you could buy a num­ber­pad to attach to your key­board when you need­ed it? I had one of those clunky beige things that worked by plug­ging it into my key­board… I used it for key­ing in coor­di­nates for objects in my vec­tor files or lay­out appli­ca­tions. Most of all I used it when cre­at­ing sched­ules and I had to put in date fields. }

Well, here’s a sweet lit­tle iPhone app that lets you turn your iPhone into a num­ber keypad.

One caveat it’s Mac only.

Ah, the beau­ty of the iPhone platform.

Oh, it’s only $1.99

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entryway : translation


This is my first post about our new neighborhood.

It’s been just two weeks since we moved into walk­ing dis­tance of our stu­dio. Now we will have many new adven­tures. We can’t wait.

I would like to say that we have a neigh­bor­hood name like Bel­la Vista, or Old City, or North­ern Lib­er­ties. But it seems we aren’t quite any­thing yet. Some peo­ple refer to the area as Grad­u­ate Hos­pi­tal… but that’s night accu­rate and does­n’t feel right either. Maybe we’ll have to work on a name even if it is just for us.

We were walk­ing around the new neigh­bor­hood check­ing out the archi­tec­ture, look­ing for the lit­tle gems we could watch as the sea­sons change and we came upon this door. I thought maybe it was a store entrance, no a restau­rant or bar or cof­fee­house. The whole entrance was very hon­est in its appear­ance. Invit­ing com­fort­able. What kind of food? — Some kind of fusion cui­sine of course. But what could this word be? Rall, Rass, Roll? Just could­n’t fig­ure it out.

I’ll google it.

Then just a block up we found this:


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