do you still buy a calendar

This is my all time favorite. Don’t real­ly see any rea­son for any oth­er kind. Mas­si­mo Vignel­li . A true expres­sion of less is more. I use the past months for wrap­ping paper, book cov­ers, and draw­ing paper.

36 x 48 inches!
Buy one and you’ll be addicted.

The Stendig wall cal­en­dar con­sists of twelve sheets print­ed in black ink on white six­ty pound weight off­set paper stock. In ran­dom order, the cal­en­dar sheets for some months are reverse print­ed pro­duc­ing a black back­ground with white let­ters and numer­als with oth­er months print­ed in black on white back­ground. The sheets are per­fo­rat­ed along a line just
under the bind­ing strip to allow them to be torn away neat­ly. The bind­ing strip of the cal­en­dar has three matte
black fin­ish met­al eye­lets to facil­i­tate easy hanging.

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new wordpress themes give me the blues

I’ve been look­ing at some cool new themes for Word­Press that use Sand­box. It’s a great envi­ron­ment to get in and use css to con­trol the look and feel. 

Prob­lem is that most of the real­ly cool skins that cre­ate thumb­nails and size images can’t cope with pho­tos from flickr. I almost nev­er upload images twice. I refer to their loca­tion usu­al­ly at flickr. These cool mag­a­zine and cre­ative lay­out require that I upload the image I want to use. This means that blog­ging about an image locat­ed else­where requires a down­load and then an upload. I want to be able to linkback to the orig­i­nal instance for sev­er­al rea­sons includ­ing giv­ing prop­er cred­it for the image.

I don’t want to ask some­one to write a plug-in or sript for this. Any­one have any ideas?

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Playing with Skitch is fun!

Hey… this is fun! This is my first attempt at using Skitch. I found out about it from a Flickr friend Col­in Devroe. Go over and sign up for the pub­lic beta.

I use SnapZPro for my screen cap­tures and now I have Skitch. I’m using Skitch for fun right now but I imag­ine many oth­er prac­ti­cal uses. But heck, let’s just stick with fun first.

More on this cool app as I experiment.

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blue spruce 900

I had to take a shot of our first hol­i­day tree at our new place. We weren’t sure we would have one for many rea­sons. But we do have an amaz­ing lit­tle tree. It’s a lit­tle bit taller than 7 feet. The star makes it almost 8 feet. It only took about 150 lights this time.
This shot shows sev­er­al of my favorites includ­ing the tin toy zep­plin, glass bird, paper stars, minia­ture hats, and hand paint­ed antique balls.

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a circle and some lines

I thought it was about time to vis­it my flickr friend Jacob and look at some pho­tos. They inspire me in the qui­etest kind of way. It is dif­fi­cult to explain. I just need­ed to look into his stu­dio and reflect upon what it takes to make art. The med­i­ta­tion — the journey.

The pho­tographs don’t require commentary.

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