Life metaphor through artifacts. History, memory, family.

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On Sun­day March 29th I saw this tweet:

blipped the mail box. » link to Blipfoto 

Life metaphor through artifacts.

The mem­o­ries and voic­es of more than thir­ty sev­en years have arrived, been placed, and tem­porar­i­ly cap­tured in this well shaped box. Words have been spo­ken by and to the inhab­i­tants after being deposit­ed and then removed from this con­tain­er.  The metaphor of give and take expressed in this arti­fact — his­to­ry, mem­o­ry, family.

I fol­lowed the link and found the image and this short story.

This is the mail­box that was on the house when I was two in 1974; the year my fam­i­ly moved in. It has been paint­ed many dif­fer­ent col­ors and lat­er it was replaced with a more effi­cient mod­el. I moved back into the house six years ago, when my par­ents moved away. I found the old mail box in the base­ment and prompt­ly put it back up.

I am now thir­ty sev­en and this is my mailbox…

The beau­ty of this object and its sto­ries made their way to me — from the cur­rent hold­er of the ves­sel who is des­tined to remem­ber each time a new voice finds itself inside this container.

How sub­lime. A new draw­ing comes to mind.

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Bottled up trouble maker

6“X2 14″ diam.
Ink, graphite, white char­coal on hand­made paper, glass milk bot­tle with attached rub­ber cork, sand.

Miss Nine­ty was sup­posed to be one of the 96 Amer­i­can Kids, but she was a troublemaker…so I bot­tled her.
– Len Cowgill

I’ve always been called a trou­ble­mak­er so I had to give Miss Nine­ty a place at my blog. Len’s work is always cre­ates a very emo­tion­al expe­ri­ence for me. Each draw­ing in his series stand alone and add to the whole in an unex­pect­ed way. Just imag­in­ing if some­one had bot­tled me.

You can see more bot­tle draw­ings here.

You can buy his work here : tama­rack art gallery

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kukuli velarde: the path of a painter

Studioscopic_ Kukuli Velarde-1.png

The artist and one of her paintings.

Studioscopic_ Kukuli Velarde 3-1.png

The artist as one of her pieces

I actu­al­ly post­ed this video at our heavy­bub­ble blog because it struck me so. Lis­ten­ing to Kukuli Velarde talk about her­self and her path as a painter, then ceram­ic artist, and now painter again was quite a jour­ney. Lots of artists have this kind of jour­ney. Often as artists we expe­ri­ence these things and nev­er talk to any­one about our jour­ney in this way. Being behind the lens of a video cam­era with an inter­view­er who makes one com­fort­able enough to talk about the work in an open way.

Kukuli Velarde makes amaz­ing work and she works through her feel­ings over time mak­ing pieces that express each and every sec­ond of inter­nal process. In that process she con­fronts the issues that ener­gize her work and bring us face to face with her inter­nal questioning.

The work is pow­er­ful and frank. It uses many vocab­u­lar­ies to cap­ture our atten­tion. With all the inten­si­ty there is still a beau­ty and joy that allows you to embrace the art and want to keep it near you.

Use the link below to watch the video. I’ve also includ­ed her website.

kukuli velarde: the path of a painter 

kukuli velarde [web]

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printmaking trip to Exquisite Letterpress

Ok. Soon I will go crazy if I don’t take a trip to friend Peter Fra­ter­deus’ printshop. Been talk­ing about mak­ing let­ter­press prints of Egypt­ian Waters for months now. Time to stop talk­ing and head out there on a ROAD TRIP. Will be tak­ing sheets of Rives BFK but will look at print­ing on some hand­craft­ed sheets too.

About Exquis­ite Letterpress :

Exquis­ite Let­ter­press has print­ing facil­i­ties at Dubuque Let­ter­press in the old Ware­house Dis­trict in Dubuque, Iowa, and design stu­dios in Gale­na, Illinois.

Founder, type direc­tor and print­er Peter Fra­ter­deus has been work­ing with let­ter­press since 7th grade at Nichols Junior High School in Evanston Illi­nois. “Print Shop” teacher Mr. Hueb­n­er would sure­ly nev­er have imag­ined that forty years lat­er, Peter would be ink­ing up these old Chan­dler and Price plat­en press­es to pro­duce not just “busi­ness cards” but exquis­ite typography. 

Maybe we’ll make some lim­it­ed edi­tion note cards.

This is a shot of some work Peter did that intrigues me. It has some large areas of col­or that are exciting.


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Bohemian South Street comeback thanks to our lovely economy

South Street has avoid­ed for the most part, being tak­en over by the chain stores more often seen in sub­ur­ban malls or so called lifestyle cen­ters. The econ­o­my is kick­ing the butts of small busi­ness­es and it is hit­ting Philadel­phia hard enough that land­lords are look­ing for ways to fill emp­ty store­fronts. This has opened con­sid­er­able oppor­tu­ni­ties for artists espe­cial­ly on South Street.

South Street is using the down­turn to its advan­tage expand­ing arts oppor­tu­ni­ties on what has always been known as the bohemi­an street in Philly. Four gal­leries will kick­start the plan.

More thoughts and pho­tos soon.

Going down South from Eighth to Head­house Square here are the offer­ings in the first galleries:

A col­lec­tive of artists who work won­ders with found art Among the Dumpser Divers is South Street pio­neer Joel Spivak.
space donat­ed by Howard Lan­der & Richard H. Rothman

For­mer home of leg­endary Grendel’s Lair. Work includes fine arts, pho­tog­ra­phy and sculpture.
space donat­ed by Michael Axelrod

Two dozen artists have cre­at­ed a “Saint” com­plete with relics of her body parts. A por­tion of the mod­er­ate price for the art pieces will go toward an organ donor program.
Curat­ed by Lucy Pistilli.
space donat­ed by Michael Axelrod

Instal­la­tion enti­tled Purpose/Repurpose. Artists used found objects or rem­nants from the for­mer bou­tique to cre­ate paint­ings, assem­blages, video and mul­ti-media instal­la­tions. The upper lev­el gallery fea­tures paintings.
space donat­ed by Michael Axelrod

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Frida Kahlo : on reality

Esa Noche - (Cafe Tacuba)

You shouldn’t have left me that night.
Because that night i found a new love.
you shouldn’t have left me that night.
Because that night i found a new love.
it seemed she was wait­ing the moment of your departure.
it seemed to have observed my moments with you.
you shouldn’t have left me that night.
Because that night i found a new love.
you shouldn’t have left me that night.
Because that night i found a new love,
who embraced me tightly
as soon as you said good bye to me
It wasn´t a big sadness…
Was a change from less to more
I was wait­ing for your return, but i saw you so happy
in your lover’s arms you for­got about me.
But now you think about me,
Come back into my arms
I´ll be your lover for ever,
your girl­friend the loneliness.
… and if some­day you return to
the One who loves you
You know, will not be the same
because she knew me too
You shouldn’t have left me that night.
Because that night i found a new love
My lone­li­ness I always have belonged to you
My lone­li­ness I always have belonged to you
Oh, my lone­li­ness, I always have belonged to you.

You might want to take a look at this video at the heavy­bub­ble blog.

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