undesign: tibor kalman in his own words

The words of Tibor Kalman ring clear in my mind. He reminds me what is good and bad about design. He reminds me why I believe there is no bound­ary between work and play. That design is about mak­ing life bet­ter; not about sell­ing things or cre­at­ing false iden­ti­ties for ban­dits that squeeze the life out of our plan­et and our being.

Where do [you] want to be in five or ten years? Do [you] want to die with the most toys, or do [you] want to die with the best life and expe­ri­ences?”- Tibor Kalman

My friend, activist, design­er, human­ist, mom, tech­nol­o­gist, pen-pal, peep, and oh so many oth­er things, the orig­i­nal webchick cre­at­ed this site a while back: undesign.org

I am an aspir­ing undesigner.

this clip from Char­lie Rose: An hour con­ver­sa­tion with Tibor Kalman about his role in the fash­ion world, his inte­ri­or design firm M & Com­pa­ny, his involve­ment with the Muse­um of Mod­ern Art and MTV, his Hun­gar­i­an back­ground and his book “The Per­verse Opti­mist”, in which he chron­i­cles his career from graph­ic jour­nal­ist to busi­ness tycoon. He also dis­cuss­es the inspi­ra­tion of his fash­ion, his work for bands like “The Talk­ing Heads” and his strug­gle with lymphoma.

Twitter failing

So today I actu­al­ly vis­it­ed unpre­dictable thoughts to check on main­tain­ing my plu­g­ins. Lo and behold my twit­ter feed stopped days ago.

Tried to get every­thing up and run­ning again.

Seems I’m miss­ing some sim­ple lit­tle detail. I’ll fix it lat­er. Got places I have to be.