Jambox from Jawbone Jams

Jam­box jams! Sit­ting here lis­ten­ing to Yo Yo Ma on the iPad. Well, actu­al­ly on through the iPad on the nifty new Wave Blue Jam­box sit­ting on the cof­fee table. I real­ly love that every­thing con­tin­ues to shrink. I can car­ry a con­sid­er­able amount of enter­tain­ment in a small bag. Now with the Jam­box which is a mere six inch­es long, I can enhance the sound of games and net­flix instant play. I catch up on my e‑mail on my iPad, which now that it allows mul­ti­task­ing, lets me lis­ten to my itunes playlists at the same time.

I just keep star­ing at this lit­tle box with this real­ly big sound. It amazes me.

For com­plete unbox­ing pics and a take on the design check out my post at our stel­larvi­sions blog : IDEA*orange.