Some­times a day is nat­u­ral­ly blue.

Just around the cor­ner I walked in for lunch and every­thing became blue. Some­times it just hap­pens. Every­thing looks so dif­fer­ent from how you remem­ber it. Still, you are pleased by the turn of hue. The becom­ing of blue.


Gorey correspondance.

This won­der­ful new book made me think about all the writ­ten cor­re­spon­dence I did for many years to my dear friend in Japan. I always adorned the envelopes with spe­cial let­ter­ing and draw­ing. Often in the let­ters them­selves I would add noodling in the mar­gins. In turn I received many Aero­grammes and let­ters typed on the back of movie fly­ers and oth­er Japan­ese ephemera.

I wish I had doc­u­ment­ed them but alas I’m not sure if I have pho­tos I can put my hands on.

Maybe I need to write my friend.


Float­ing Worlds, the let­ters of Edward Gorey and Peter F. Neumeyer



Art 365. A drawing a day.

I’ve embarked on a project this year.

A 365 day project. It will result in 365 draw­ings. They will be made on my iPhone. I’ll be post­ing at my art­log and you can see them there if you are inter­est­ed. I’ll try to write a bit about each of the draw­ings but some­times the posts will be wordless.

I stopped putting my art­work at this blog except on spe­cial occasions.