Dance, dance, dance — Pina


So look­ing for­ward to see­ing this film.

I’ve always been fas­ci­nat­ed by this work. Look­ing for video exam­ples of my favorites.


from the promo:

PINA is a fea­ture-length dance film in 3D with the ensem­ble of the Tanzthe­ater Wup­per­tal Pina Bausch, fea­tur­ing the unique and inspir­ing art of the great Ger­man chore­o­g­ra­ph­er Pina Bausch, who died in the sum­mer of 2009. PINA is direct­ed by Wim Wen­ders (Bue­na Vista Social Club, Wings of Desire), who was a long-stand­ing friend of Pina’s.Wenders takes the audi­ence on a sen­su­al, visu­al­ly stun­ning jour­ney of dis­cov­ery into a new dimen­sion: straight onto the stage with the leg­endary ensem­ble and fol­lows the dancers out of the the­atre into the city and the sur­round­ing areas of Wup­per­tal — the place, which for 35 years was the home of Pina Bausch.

Shadows are like lace in this light.


One walks briskly in a diag­o­nal cut­ting the dis­tance at a traf­fic light. Glid­ing through the park to look at the grass still green in Jan­u­ary. Hav­ing par­tic­u­lar pedes­tri­an pat­terns one would think that there would­n’t be any sur­pris­es, Turn­ing the cor­ner on the street you take when it’s a bit warmer and has wider friend­ly side­walks — dis­cov­ery. Look­ing down briefly to check the time there it is, shad­ows like lace.

Mov­ing gen­tly, shad­ows are like lace in this light.