coffee on the corner

2015-01-13 08.59.29

One of my favorite stops on the way to the stu­dio. In warm weath­er I can sit at an out­side table and gath­er my thoughts before head­ing to make art. In the win­ter I sit inside and observe the motion, the inter­ac­tion. I lis­ten to the meter of con­ver­sa­tion with­out hear­ing a word.

cold front

It is real­ly cold here in PHL and I opt­ed to skip walk­ing to the office and work from home while mak­ing a pot of soup. It’s human pop­si­cle land out there. To every­one caught in the cur­rent deep freeze stay safe.

Filbert Street Entrance

Fil­bert Street out­side Read­ing Ter­mi­nal. This morn­ing on my way to work. There is some­thing won­der­ful about this grid of win­dows. It’s an odd lit­tle part of the street I’m not tak­en with large expans­es of class with­out some ref­er­ence to a human’s scale.

BeoCom where are you?

I can’t real­ly remem­ber when we bought this love­ly lit­tle device. It has a fab­u­lous num­ber or ring­tones. Try­ing to dis­cov­er where I stored the Beo­Com. Time for it to make a reap­pear­ance and be use­ful again, not just beautiful.