coffee fund and biscotti

coffee fund

You always need a cof­fee fund.

I made a cof­fee fund box awhile back to fund an espres­so mak­er for the stu­dio. I was giv­en one as a gift so now I use the fund to buy cof­fee for it. Each time I make a cup I put in a dol­lar. Noth­ing com­pared to buy­ing an espres­so drink on the way to the office.

I got some graph­ic tins to put bis­cot­ti in and I’m set. A hap­py lit­tle cor­ner of the studio.

In a taxi, screw uber

in a taxi

Uber is ille­gal in Philadel­phia.  Why the author­i­ty isn’t tak­ing action to stop the com­pa­ny from tak­ing advan­tage of it’s non employ­ees bog­gles the mind. I use a smart­phone app to call my taxi and I can use one to pay. I can even just hail one by rais­ing my hand on almost any street. Yes cabs can cost more. That’s to cov­er insur­ance and oth­er licens­es when you are a legal oper­a­tor. Do you want some­one to have a liv­ing wage or a cheap ride? What hap­pens if you are injured on an Uber ride? Cheap isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Screw uber.

It all starts at Reading Terminal

hunger burger reading terminal

Read­ing Ter­mi­nal is one of those amaz­ing places that both tourists and locals want to go over and over again. I almost always go very ear­ly in the am. Beat­ing every­one except the locals like me. It makes it easy to shop quick­ly and then sit with cof­fee and a donut while watch­ing the busi­ness folks set­tle into their stalls for the day. The Amish and the fish mon­gers, the butch­ers and the pro­duce guys, watch­ing them all set up for the day.

Every time wan­der­ing the aisles I see some­thing new. Every­thing is the same and every­thing is different.

Polaroids lined up and ready to go

some fun items in the office

All excit­ed to use these vin­tage Polaroid cam­eras. Im select­ing film from the impos­si­ble project. Maybe some col­or and some black and white. Excit­ed to make images on instant film again. Thanks to my bud Claire for the gift of Polaroids. Can’t wait to use them. Sum­mer is one of my fave times. Bright nat­ur­al light.