feeling at home : the beauty of everyday things

If you move every few years you find that there are a few things that real­ly make you feel like you are home. The unpacked box­es can be block­ing a door­way or stacked by the wall so you can get to the bath­room. But there are a few things that make you feel com­fort­able. Things that say, this is home. For me the first thing is the books. Mar­garet and I have so many books that if we don’t get the shelves up and the books unpacked we won’t have a liv­ing room. When that’s done usu­al­ly in the first three days; a whole new sense of home has been established.

The sec­ond thing is the OXO uten­sil rack. I know that may seem sil­ly. But if I know where it hangs it means that I under­stand how the kitchen will be sit­u­at­ed. It is the first piece in the orga­ni­za­tion­al puz­zle that allows me to fill the cab­i­nets with food and dish­es. It estab­lish­es where the cook­ing oils and spices will reside, where the cut­ting boards will be stacked.

There is an amaz­ing sense of order and beau­ty in every­day things.

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