Polaroids lined up and ready to go

some fun items in the office

All excit­ed to use these vin­tage Polaroid cam­eras. Im select­ing film from the impos­si­ble project. Maybe some col­or and some black and white. Excit­ed to make images on instant film again. Thanks to my bud Claire for the gift of Polaroids. Can’t wait to use them. Sum­mer is one of my fave times. Bright nat­ur­al light.

BeoCom where are you?

I can’t real­ly remem­ber when we bought this love­ly lit­tle device. It has a fab­u­lous num­ber or ring­tones. Try­ing to dis­cov­er where I stored the Beo­Com. Time for it to make a reap­pear­ance and be use­ful again, not just beautiful.